hebrew & English menorah 7-21-2011

A Messianic Jewish resource ministry about

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the Bible, Biblical Jewish roots of Christianity, Israel

and God's plan of eternal redemption/salvation.


Proclaiming Messiah Jesus To Jew and Gentile

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The Biblical Menorah of Exodus 25 should appear here.


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Isaiah 12:2 song.... Our theme song Yesha'yahu/Isaiah 12:2   Behold God has become my salvation
Psalm 122:6 song…. Tehillah/Psalm 122:6 song   Pray for the Shalom of Jerusalem
B'Midbar/Numbers 6:24-26 Aaronic Blessing song.... The Aaronic Blessing from God to you through us    B'Midbar/Numbers 6:24-26

M e n o r a h  P u b l i c a t i o n s:


Hebrew Light of the Menorah2.jpgThe M e n o r a h  L i g h t …Biblical Jewish Roots mission publication





Menorah’s Messianic Jewish Calendars …Prayer Calendars for Israel & its people


Yeshua-Jesus Name Study …Many think His name is equal to Joshua


Yeshua-Jesus in all the books of the Bible


Poems and Parables .... Biblical ....


Y e s h u a / J e s u s  V i d e o s:


Y e s h u a  H a m a s h i a k h-Jesus is the MessiahPraise Video, must see!
                                    by Majesty -One Touch... One Look... One Word...


G o d’ s  S t o r y ...Video and audio stream of the panorama of the Bible

                       in chronological order ....in the language of your choice


J e s u s / Y e s h u a  F i l m ...The life and time of Jesus Christ/Yeshua

                 The power of God in the most important events in the history of mankind!


M e n o r a h  O t h e r:


¨  Jesus For Jews - Jesus For All Ministry .... Our street, tent, other activity ministry


¨  Press Releases and News .... Menorah, HaShem and other affiliated ministries


¨  Speakers .... Seminars - Worship Services - Adult & Youth Classes - Retreats


¨  Israel Biblical Study Trips .... Step into Jewish & Israeli life of today & Bible times


¨  Hashem click:  slides or slide show…. Our affiliated “Mission” restaurant


¨ 10comtbc2.jpg  Congregation OrHab’rith .... Affiliated with Menorah


Q u e s t i o n s ?  A n d  A n s w e r s !:


·   Questions Answered .... Messianic Biblical answers


·   Ask Messianic Pastor Reuben...Our Director …. a question & answer forum


A r t i c l e s   _ Each section has extensive information and related subtitles _


life.gif¨  Who Is Yeshua? .... The real one?


¨  Bible ..... Torah .... God's instructions


¨  To Life - L'chaim! …. How to find Eternal Life 


¨  Israel…. The Land, Nation, People, God’s Plan


¨  The Trinity …. The real "Eh-chad" (one) story!


¨  Jews, Gentiles and The Church ....The Body of Messiah/Christ


¨  False and 'Near Christian' Religions ....Is Allah the God of the Bible?


¨  Truth  vs  Error ....7 Biblical fundamentals compared to 13 false world religions.


¨  The Biblical Feasts ....Leviticus 23 and Esther (Purim)


¨  The Star of David ....Magen David


¨  The Messiah ....We want Him now… has He come or coming?


HaOr¨  Salvation ....God has a plan for your life!


¨  Who Is God ....God loves you!


¨  Jesus Is For The Jews? ....As some say?


¨  Jesus Only For The Gentiles? ... Really?


¨   How To Know God .….No more important matter!


¨  How To Become A Child Of God ….Are we born such?


¨  How To Have Eternal Life ....One long extended, unending eternal Sabbath Day


¨  Convert? ….Can a Christian Gentile convert to Judaism (become a Jew)?


¨  Shoah ... The Holocaust ....Awareness and testimony


¨  The Messianic Jewish Movement ....A 2,000 year old movement!


¨  Salvation Testimonies ....Rabbis - Jews - Gentiles


¨  What Do The Rabbis Know About The Messiah? ….Have they missed Him?


 ¨  Torah, Talmud, Midrash, Biblical ....Discussion articles

hebrew & English menorah 7-21-2011 



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